Capricorn stoner horoscope

You are always the life of the party and your Cannabis tendencies should be the same way. Instead of a simple joint, you can choose also a smoking apparatus that garners attention like the Double Barrel from KingPen! When it comes to being organized and efficient, Virgo truly excels.

The sign of the scales and a social butterfly, so either a well-balanced strain or something good for parties would be great choices. Scorpio October 23 - November 21 You are deviously romantic.

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Scorpios enjoy taking Cannabis into the bedroom. Sagittarius November 22 - December 21 The Sceptic. Sagittarius is a sign of adventure, so stay away from heavy indicas.

Capricorn December 22 - January 19 Goatlike; you can be stubborn, but you are always practical. A hardworking sign like Capricorn should opt for something relaxing, like a high-CBD strain.


Pack a bowl of Strawberry Banana, and prepare for takeoff! Pisces February 19 - March 20 Quiet oceanic wisdom guides everything you do. Pisces can be a little sensitive to outside forces, so a chill night of smoking weed at home with something that can help you meditate might be the best choice. Try Zen from statemade to reach your own personal nirvana! I will even consider experimenting if those ladies can enjoy an evening with a nice Animal Cookies bong without Netflix binge. Being a Leo, I will buy oneday this Double Barrel, as I believe it deliver the best vaporizing experience in the world.

These people need movement and change, and they like to travel.

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They search for freedom and adventure. They are open to new things and ideas. They have an inclination for leadership. They are ambitious but they are also very sensitive and avoid routine and boredom.

Monthly Marijuana Astrology for the Stoner at Heart

Birthday 11th - Sensitivity Numerology - Birthday Number. These people are sensitive and intuitive.

Your Kolas Winter Stoner Horoscope for 12222

They are interested in the spiritual path. They are a charismatic person. They like other people. They are a daydreamer. They are diplomatic. Full numerology report. Famous people born on October 8th Today. Sigourney Weaver. Matt Damon. Chevy Chase. Paul Hogan. Michael Dudikoff. Planet positions :. You may find that this winter, you have more energy to get out and have fun than usual.

How You Should Smoke Weed Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Along with your drive for adventure, pay attention to any out-of-the-box ideas you may have professionally. Remaining confident in a new innovative idea at work may prove to have rewarding results when it comes to your professional life. This winter will be an amazing season for your art, Taurus! Whether your art is visual, musical, culinary, or fashionable, keep your eyes and ears open for muses of inspiration this winter.

However, like many great artists, you may find yourself having to draw your creativity from struggles in your life. Gemini, this season will be all about knowledge and the things you learn from what this season brings.

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Your stoner horoscope recommends a strain that will keep you inquisitive and ever curious, like Snowcap. You may learn something extra juicy about someone you know, and you may be tempted to dish with your close friends but for this one, we recommend taking a beat and being really intentional about who you share your information with. We recommend trying a strain like GG 4 or Original Glue to encourage you to take a deep breath and to shift your perspective and think critically about the situation, and who really needs to know.

Sharing this information with the wrong person could potentially create a disaster in your life and in theirs.

This winter, you can finally indulge in your longing to be a homebody. You may not have been ready then to let some things go, but this winter will be a cleansing and creatively open season for you, which is why trying Headband will be a great way to turn any negative energy into something beautiful so that you can finally let go. Leo, this winter for you will be a time where family and loved ones are at the top of your priorities.

It may help you to be patient, level-headed, kind, and considerate when interacting with this person. It may even help you to reach a conclusion or a resolution that feels good for both of you. Virgo, this winter will be a time of great financial change. Keep your eyes open for new opportunities and ways to expand your income will slowly trickle in.

To stay focused, open-minded, and professionally creative, your stoner horoscope recommends an uplifting Jack Herer. Set aside some much-needed self-care and relaxation time to balance out all of that professional energy. Staying well-rounded will be key this winter, so try a strain like GDP or Granddaddy Purple to sink into a relaxation that can really take the edge off. Libra, your charm and sweet demeanor will put you in many social situations this winter.